Exiled Syrian officials Adnan al-Atasi and Munir al-Ajlani at the Tunisian Embassy in Beirut in 1964

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The photo was taken at the Tunisian Embassy in Beirut. From left to right: Ex-Syrian Minister Munir al-Ajlani, Ahmad Ben Arafa the Tunisian Ambassador to Lebanon, Abdulkarim al-Omari, Mohammad Ali Eltaher, owner of the then suspended Cairo-based nationalist newspaper Asshoura, ex-Syrian Minister and Ambassador Adnan al-Atasi. Ajlani was a former Minister of Education in Syria while Atasi, the son of President Hashem al-Atasi, was a former Ambassador to Paris. They were arrested in 1956 on charges of planning for an Iraqi backed coup to topple the pro-Egyptian regime of President Shukri al-Quwatli. They remained in jail from 1957 to 1961 and were exiled to Lebanon, never to return. From the archives of Mohammad Ali Eltaher (www.eltaher.org).