Syrian journalists at the Tunisian Embassy in Beirut - 1974

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Image Source: Mohammad Ali Eltaher Library and Website

The Tunisian government was granting veteran Palestinian journalist Mohammad Ali Eltaher the Order of Merit for his life long contributions in the Cairo-based newspaper Ashoura.

From left to right: Tunisian Ambassador to Lebanon Salah al-Din al-Abdullah, Mohammad Ali Eltaher, the ex-Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Tunisian First Lady Wassila Bourguiba, Ex-Dean of the Syndicate of Syrian Journalists Nasuh Babil, publisher of the mass circulation daily al-Ayyam, which was suspended in March 1963. Standing behind the Tunisian First Lady is Syrian journalist Bashir al-Ouff, publisher of the Muslim Brotherhood newspaper in Damascus in the 1950s, al-Manar. Standing behind Eltaher is Zuheir al-Mardini, the Beirut-based Syrian journalist.